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1. Try to understand why you are angry.

It is important to understand that you have reached the point where you will get angry. If a particular situation or a person is causing you anger, talk the matter with someone you trust. A faithful friend, a specialist, your doctor or psychologist can talk with you and help you.

2. Try to rest and relax.

Rest can put things in proper perspective. The relaxation can be achieved with a walk or just to sit quietly in a quiet environment. Listening to music, reading a book, watching a film, taking a bath, swimming, yoga are activities that can help you relax. Too often people forget to devote time to relax. It is important every day to save some time for relaxation. Choose activities that you enjoy to do at that time.

3. Violence is no solution to anger.

Sometimes it happens that someone makes you angry so much that you make a verbal attack on him/her. Violence can also be a way to externalize your frustration when you do not know why you may have been upset. This is dangerous because it can lead to acts that have consequences. To be ready to prevent the expression of violence when you are angry, write a list of conditions, people or things that cause you irritation. After you record all the things that can make you angry consider ways to avoid them. Consider also ways on how to prevent your self from acting violent. There are people who can help you find the ways to overcome the feelings that make you to want to attack someone verbally.

4. You must realize that everyone in their lives have disagreements or disputes.

The reasons for your disagreement with someone else are many. For example it can be hard to understand the thoughts of someone else on a given subject. In such cases, try to make then talk about how they see things. Also the values, needs and goals are likely to contrast with those of someone else. It is not unusual misunderstandings and disagreements between people to arise because they do not understand well what other are trying to do or try to say.

5. Solve any conflicts and misunderstandings

The misunderstandings and conflicts that are not solved can create confusion and a sense of challenge. In addition this situation can lead to stress, tension, insomnia, diseases, poor quality relationships, aggression or violence and family breakdown.

6. Address conflicts at a personal level.

If there is a conflict with another person is very easy to keep the anger and tension between the two. It is particularly important to solve the dispute especially if they are people who see each other often, otherwise this can create a very unpleasant situation. In such cases talking to the person you have a dispute with can either be helpful or not. If you try to approach this person, make sure that you do it in a way that will help. If you are afraid that this person may become violent or offensive, try not to approach them directly. Initially try to speak to them on the phone to see if they are willing to find a solution to the problem between you and them. You can tell that person how you feel because of his own opinion, but do not try to tell him/her how he/she should feel. It is possible in such situation to either agree or disagree with him/her. In some cases it is useful to have a third person help you resolve the conflict. The third person could serve as a bridge between you and others and help each party understand the views of others.

7. There are significant advantages of resolving disputes.

You have many reasons why you should try to negotiate and resolve a dispute or conflict with someone. Initially you will get the feeling that you have achieved something important and will make you feel more positive. You will feel more comfortable, more relaxed, and healthier and you will have a good sleep at night. Additionally it will help you to build stronger relations and more generally will make you feel happy. In conclusion it is important that you learn to express your anger and your nerves in a safe manner. The activities that help you relax can be a good way to manage your anger better. Resolving differences with others will make you feel more positive and happy.